The Social Dept. – Akron, OH

The Social Dept. Website

As part of our Shop Local movement, we have decided today to shed light on The Social Dept., a t-shirt company from Akron, OH. Great quality shirts from great quality local entreprenuers.

On their website they say:

We hand print every shirt, poster, and bag one print at a time! All steps of our process involve a whole lotta TLC and passion. We are literally a two-person shop doing every step of the process. We start at the design and concept phase and carry it on through every step of the way… supply ordering, screen coating, screen burning, shirt printing, heat setting, packaging, and finally mailing each and every product out the door one at a time. We ask for all our customers to be a little patient with us as we take a huge amount of pride in providing you with a product from a true mom and pop shop.

Published by orendaworld

Helping you help them. Orenda is a blog geared towards promotting Social Entrepreneurial companies (Buy One, Give One, charitable, fair trade, and locally grown companies), trying to make a difference in the world. "Orenda" is an Iroquoian power by which human accomplishment is attained. We want to give people the Orenda to overcome their hard times, or just to give them that push to accomplish great things. We also want Orenda to push buyers to accomplish some change in the world and overcome all of the problems our world faces today.

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