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Buy a case, Impact a life.

kidogo kidogo sells iPhone and Samsung phone cases and other small phone accessories, in support of women in Tanzania. These are women who have never had a phone, or once had a phone, but no longer have the means to find or buy one. kidogo kidogo gives them a phone, some credit, and a phone number, to help support them. This small act helps these women mature in communication, further along their businesses, and reach family who have moved up and out of the country. This small act that seems trivial to us, impacts them in many ways unbeknown to the first world. Sisters, Kim and Kristen Waeber (Owners), together with Sarah Markes (Designer), FINCA Tanzania (Microfinance Institution), and Sea Sense (NGO), kidogo kidogo plans to  impact lives, one phone case at a time.

Published by orendaworld

Helping you help them. Orenda is a blog geared towards promotting Social Entrepreneurial companies (Buy One, Give One, charitable, fair trade, and locally grown companies), trying to make a difference in the world. "Orenda" is an Iroquoian power by which human accomplishment is attained. We want to give people the Orenda to overcome their hard times, or just to give them that push to accomplish great things. We also want Orenda to push buyers to accomplish some change in the world and overcome all of the problems our world faces today.

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