Nothin’ But Nola

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At Nothin’ but Nola, they create world-changing, hunger-fighting, nutritious granola. It is made using the freshest, highest quality ingredients to create a delicious and nutritious product you can feel great about eating. They strive to create a granola that helps nourish and feed you and your family as well as the many families who are struggling with hunger. We believe every person has the right to have access to healthy and nutritious food. So, for every bag of their granola purchased, one healthy, nutritious meal is donated to the fight against hunger. They have partnered with an established and community-focused food bank reaching North Carolina, Colorado, and Wyoming, to ensure your money goes to the direct purchase of food for those who are struggling with food insecurity.

Nothin’ but Nola was created and built out of a love for delicious, nutritious, good-for-you foods as well as a desire to change the world. Our main focus every day is creating a better world by providing our customers with the most nutritious granola on the market and aiding the fight against hunger. We strive to create delicious and nutritious granola, provide informative and interesting information on hunger and nutrition, and change the landscape of hunger in the world.

For every bag of our granola sold, we donate one meal to fight hunger. We have partnered with a local food bank to make this possible!

So how exactly does it work? I’m so glad you asked!

There are two important parts to the story – food banks and food agencies. Think about the food bank like a grocery store. They accept, sort, and house all of the food donations. The food agencies are the ones receiving food from the food bank. They visit the food bank on a weekly basis to pick up food that they stock their facilities with. Individuals facing hunger visit the food agencies where they are able to receive food assistance.

Part of our profit from every bag of granola sold goes directly to the food bank to help purchase more food and provide meals to those facing hunger. For every bag you buy, we donate the monetary equivalent of one meal. So, when you buy a bag, you give one meal.

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