Link of Hearts

Link of Hearts Website

Link of Hearts is a handmade jewelry company, working to help hose with depression make it through. Elizabeth Tiglao-Guss, having suffered severe depression, began the company after she remembered how much inspirational quotes helped her through hard times, and she wanted to help out people with the same issues. 

Link of Hearts will focus on those battling depression and other mental illnesses. They are connecting with support groups at behavioral centers, psychiatric and rehab clinics, and pediatric hospitals.  The possibilities are endless.

We are joining the movement to be socially conscious and help others through our story and effort. One piece.  One message.  One voice.  One link.  Connecting & Inspiring.  Every piece of jewelry provides a message of hope and gives voice to those struggling alone in silence.  With every purchase, Link of Hearts will give one piece of jewelry to someone in need, that has an inspirational word …HOPE, TRUST, LOVE, BELIEVE, among others.  Together, we can give the gift of hope and help fight the stigma of mental illness.

It’s about connecting and reaching out to those who are suffering from depression.  Every story has a heart.

Every piece of jewelry is made in Los Angeles, CA.

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