Ivory Ella

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“Good clothes for a good cause”

In 1979 over 1 million elephants roamed our earth. Today, less than 150,000 of these gentle giants are left in the wild due to excessive poaching. Ivory Ella is here to change this!

Ivory Ella makes shirts with adorable elephants on it in different colors and patterns, and donates 10% of their profits to savetheelephants.org. Most shirts are handprinted in America, as well, an added bonus!

I have spoken to a friend of mine who is very invested in hunting, bt also preservation of beautiful, endangered animals, and she speaks extremely highly of this organization and company. (The shirts are cute too!)

Ivory Ella Website

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Helping you help them. Orenda is a blog geared towards promotting Social Entrepreneurial companies (Buy One, Give One, charitable, fair trade, and locally grown companies), trying to make a difference in the world. "Orenda" is an Iroquoian power by which human accomplishment is attained. We want to give people the Orenda to overcome their hard times, or just to give them that push to accomplish great things. We also want Orenda to push buyers to accomplish some change in the world and overcome all of the problems our world faces today.

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