Boll & Branch

Boll & Branch was created because every product we use has a story to tell.

When we learned the story of our sheets, we were compelled to rewrite it.

We’ve created a brand of fine linens and throws that are made ethically, from only organic materials and sold at revolutionary price points.

We’re proud that our products look beautiful, feel amazing and tell a happy story. Because we believe that happy people make amazing things.


Founders of Boll & Branch

This Fair-Trade Certified bedding company stands to make an impact. They do this for three reasons: 1) FAIR PRICES 2) METICULOUS CRAFTSMANSHIP & 3) DO GOOD + GIVE BACK. To accomplish this, Boll & Branch works towards four solutions: 1) no child labor, 2) Fair Trade Certified, 3) organic, & 4) every purchase helps someone.

A portion of all profits goes Not For Sale, an organization working to free and protect the 30 million modern-day slaves. They provide shelter and care to create a safe environment for vulnerable communities, create opportunities for training and learning life skills, and promote long-term economic stability by helping implement sustainable business models suitable to those at-risk populations.

Not only does Boll & Branch provide quality, comfortable sheets, but they provide a promise to work for a better world in many ways. The sheets are quality controlled and price sensitive to the average household budget. All around, this is a company filled with compassion and good vibes, attempting to help as many people as possible within one transaction in their company.

Still don’t believe us? Take a look Boll & Branch Impact Report to view Boll & Branch’s impact report to see the true difference they have made thus far. And the impact just keeps growing…

Thank you so much for enabling us to give back in this way – we couldn’t do it without you.

Boll & Branch Website

 Not For Sale Website

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