Blankenship Dry Goods

Some have said Blankenship Dry Goods is for true patriots. I myself may have to agree. Check out why below!

Though their website does not say much, it does not have to. What is said, speaks wonders for Blankenship, their mission, their quality, and their message. Their website states:

Our brand operates because our team can pursue new design concepts, methods of production, and business relationships. These capabilities are protected by the bravery of service men and women.

Our mission is to thank and give back to active members and veterans of the United States Military. For every ten garments sold, we commit one garment an individual who has served our nation. Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 10.25.27 PM

That is all that is said, but that strong and secure message is all that is needed. Beyond the somewhat subtle statements of American pride (as seen to the right) there is a page that explains that all clothes are made in New York, all in America, and are all made with pride.

These preppy, comfortable clothes are made strongly and with much pride for our nation and for those serving our nation here and overseas.

Wear the colors that do not bleed, and check out the missions for yourself here: Blankenship Dry Goods

Check out a few products:

Site Athletics If it’s Blankenship it’s good Women T-Shirt


Site Athletics 100 Blankenship T-Shirt

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