The Great Big List of Buy One, Give One Brands

Ever want to find a bunch of Buy One, Give One brands (on top of the ones I may never have talked about)?

Well, then this article is for you. This is The Great Big List of Buy One, Give One Brands, an article that hits at the root of what shopping with Ethical Companies is.

When we speak with our dollars, we can make a difference. We can show our preference to buy brands that care, which would in turn encourage more companies to have altruistic values.

(source: Eat Sleep Be)

The brands on this list really live the mission they promote. They don’t just say they’re BOGO for the money. I will be featuring some of these on the website soon, but this is a great condensed list to look at them all as one.

So check out Jessica’s article (and blog) to read more!

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Helping you help them. Orenda is a blog geared towards promotting Social Entrepreneurial companies (Buy One, Give One, charitable, fair trade, and locally grown companies), trying to make a difference in the world. "Orenda" is an Iroquoian power by which human accomplishment is attained. We want to give people the Orenda to overcome their hard times, or just to give them that push to accomplish great things. We also want Orenda to push buyers to accomplish some change in the world and overcome all of the problems our world faces today.

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