Anchal Project

Bring yourself a little pop of color this winter. Do that with Anchal Project. With Anchal, you can do just that, all while empowering woman to support themselves and their lives.

At Anchal Project, you can buy anything from blankets, quilts, and bedding, to scarves, wraps, and men’s wear, to table linens and bags, all while getting a one-of-a-kind product and designing change.

Anchal’s goal is to create sustainable, income-generating textile initiatives run with local leadership that creates long-term changes fro exploited and marginalized women.

Anchal was started in 2010, after attending a class trip to India, by sisters Colleen and Maggie Clines. Together with their partners and artisans, Anchal creates innovative programs and eco-friendly textiles that facilitate impact.

“We felt compelled to take the project beyond the classroom with the conviction that our design training in collaboration with local leadership could address seemingly intractable social and environmental systems. The women we met became our sisters, sisters we had to fight for.”

Colleen Clines, Co-Founder & CEO

But what does Anchal mean?




Anchal project is so much more than just that.

Structured as a non-profit social enterprise, Anchal is held to high standards of transparency and impact combined with intentions of self-sufficiency through product sales. Anchal’s organization is based on collaboration & innovative design solutions.

Anchal’s holistic program is designed to address the diverse needs of each woman and equip them with the tools needed to sustain employment as an Anchal artisan and beyond. By offering alternatives to dangerous and exploitive work, Anchal helps women rediscover their dignity, independence, and creativity in a financially rewarding way. The program offers women to design and skills training, full-time employment, educational workshops, health services, a supportive community and access to an international marketplace.

The create, well-designed patterns that follow through all their products, on top of the holistic and sustainable mission makes Anchal Project products your perfect pop of color you’ve been looking for.

Visit Anchal Project here.

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