If you like to be outside, camping or hiking, or know your summers will be spent from every activity from music festivals to picnics to any other fun in the sun activity, then we have the perfect products for you.

Share the sun with WakaWaka.

1.2 billion people around the world have no access to electricity. 


WakaWaka wants to change that.

WakaWaka sells flashlights, solar panels, chargers, and USB Cables with one mission in mind: to share the electricity you make with others. WakaWaka’s mission states this:

We believe that access to electricity is a basic human right and is essential in our modern world. Access to energy for light and power means access to education, communication, and income generating opportunities.

The world’s greatest natural energy resource is the sun. It’s abundant, sustainable, and available everywhere. It’s a solution for everyone in need of power without access to electricity. 

With WakaWaka, everyone is able to tap into the sun. From earthquake survivors and rural farmers, to office commuters and outdoor enthusiasts, all make use of solar products with the exact same WakaWaka design and quality.

The WakaWaka Foundation, which is supported by your purchase, donates WakaWaka products for emergency aid, and offers WakaWakas to more stable developing areas at a subsidized price or in exchange for community work.


And they truly follow through on that mission. Working with the International Rescue Committee, WakaWaka helps consumers donate light and electricity to those in need around the world. You can check their impact map to see where your purchases may have helped, and you can even pick exactly where you want them to help when you purchase a product.

So you can help light your own world, and the world over others, all with one purchase from WakaWaka.

Visit WakaWaka here.

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