Lovishly does.

Sherry Lopez has always concerned herself with creating a voice for the voiceless. That heightened as she became a mother, and specifically adopted her two children from Uganda. She realized there must be a better way to get issues out there for others to empower themselves with the knowledge and others with the strength they need.

At that moment, I decided I was no longer okay with turning the other direction. I could no longer just simply hear about the injustices of the world, but I had a burning passion to do something about them. Lovishly was born out of that passion and created an opportunity for our family to partner and give back to some amazing organizations that we longed to support.  Every necklace is designed by our family with love and care.  Our desire is to create conversation pieces that provide opportunities for you to make a statement while supporting work that is in need of funding.

Sherry Lopez

In turn Lovishly was founded. It gained its name with the phrase, love lavishly, give extravagantly, in mind. Loving and giving is behind everything they do as a company.

Lovishly sells jewelry used to empower. Each piece coincides with a different issue to spark beauty and conversation around the issues close to Lopez’s heart, and with a myriad of different issues to chose from, there is no pick that could go wrong.

Lopez works with different nonprofits and others doing good and showcases them with special pieces and limited edition collections.

So go forward, start a conversation, share your passions, and change the world, one piece of jewelry at a time.

Check out Lovishly here.

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